Delays In World Cup Construction Are Cause For Concern

Brazil is falling behind preparations for the 2014 World Cup, and is still within reach of losing its bid if it doesn’t speed up progress. This news comes from the Brazilian Audit Court, who has criticized officials for missing deadlines, overspending and a lack of transparency. The fear among critics is that a loss by Brazil would be a media nightmare, further pushing government to complete all infrastructural projects with a “nothing to lose” attitude. This could mean increased pressure and aggression towards marginalized communities, which are already facing a brunt of the damage in relation to these public works projects. The nation’s World Cup committee has yet to release a statement on the issue. This year is considered very important for beginning projects, but problems have surfaced in all 12 Brazilian host cities. Transportation, space and even renovations to Maracana Stadium are some of the issues plaguing the building process. Critics, including soccer legend Pele, are saying that Brazil could be embarrassed by these developments, and that irregularity which marred the 2007 Pan-Am Games could occur for these series of Mega Events.

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