Amnesty International Hears Grievances From Eviction Victims

The head of Amnesty International was in Rio de Janeiro this week and met with victims who have been forcibly removed from their homes. Secretary General Salil Shetty’s presence in Brazil demonstrates the seriousness of the issue from an international perspective, and is one of many recent events that is slowly increasing pressure and shedding light on the human rights violations in these communities. Amnesty had previously visited the community of Restinga in October, and a second visit this month is proof they are taking this issue seriously. Government officials have argued that the evictions are for the greater public good, but the way in which the evictions have been carried out, and the overall social toll is being ignored by government. Shetty said that if government wants Rio to be ready for the series of Mega-Events in 2014 and 2016 they need to work with the favela communities, not against them.

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