Each week there is a different going on. Workshops, public forums, round table discussions and rallies are all worth your time, if you are around. Check in so you don’t miss a beat.

Movimento Preserva Laboriaux

On Sunday, October 6th 2013 a special event was organized by Movimento Preserva Laboriaux in the recreational area in and around the football pitch at the end of the Laboriaux […]

Rocinha sem Fronteirs

On Saturday the 26th of November the community-based organization, Rocinha sem Fronteiras (Rocinha without Borders) held their monthly meeting which always fall on the third Saturday of every month. There were […]

Bento Rubião Meeting in Taquara

  On Saturday October 22nd at the Colégio Estadual Brigadeiro Schorcht, A Fundação Centro da Defesa de Dirietos Humanos Bento Rubião (henceforth Bento Rubião) held the last of five workshops […]

Meeting with DHESCA

The highly anticipated Investigatory Mission, made up of local and international representatives, made its way through local communities affected by the forced removals occurring in Rio de Janeiro. Raquel Rolnik, […]

PAC Meeting Pushes For Action

The PAC (Programa de Aceleração do Crescimento) program was one of the most highly awaited programs in Rio de Janeiro, and Brazil. Many saw the program as a step towards […]