Let’s Raise at least $300 for the Rocinha Day of Culture!

Rocinha Cultural Forum

Mundo Real aims to raise at least $300 for the Rocinha Cultural Forum to host the ROCINHA DAY OF CULTURE
Rocinha Cultural Forum

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online! The Rocinha Cultural Forum was founded in July 2007, as part of the ROCINHA CULTURAL PLAN, whose main objective is the cultural development of the community. With regular weekly meetings, the Forum promotes artists, artisans, representatives from local organizations that encourage social/cultural activities and collaboration with those that are looking to strengthen the cultural progress of the community.

The Rocinha Cultural Day is an event whose main objective is to bring together artists from different mediums, with the long term goal of increasing the contact and communication between artists and the public with a social/cultural context, thus providing cultural opportunities for the community.

The event will take place on the 23 of July, 2011 from 2PM to 6 PM at the CIEP Bento Rubião. CIEP was chosen because of its central location in the community of Rocinha, as it is easily accessible to all residents. On this day, aside from the various presentations by artists, the goal is to demonstrate the importance of art in the community to residents and to make clear the need for an artist cooperative and a participatory plan of action for cultural activities as part of Rocinha’s cultural agenda.

The date coincide with Rocinha Week, which has been active since 2005. The Rocinha CUltural Forum has organized this event since its inception.

The forum is open to the public and supports cultural initiatives in Rocinha, including:

  1. Projects “Mulher da Paz,” as well as “Projeto e Peus.” which was sponsored by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Social Action and Human Rights.
  2. Participation in the creation of the Rocinha Tourism Forum, which has additional support from SEBRAE-RJ.
  3. Attention to the cultural activities of its member, with information and guidance.
  4. The proposal of the Rocinha Museum

Sincerely – Rocinha Cultural Forum

Contact  Antonio Carlos Firmino (819253334) centroludico@bol.com.br or Ronaldo Batista (88198624)

WEBSITE:  http://forumdeculturadarocinha.blogspot.com/

PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

More Details About the Event:

Outside Stage: Music, Dance, Theatre, Capoeira, Poetry, and other Performances

Stands / Tents: with a permanent presence after the event is over with artists work and general information about Rocinha culture

Auditorium: Indoors space where video and cinema, theatre skits, and musical presentations will occur

Artists and Performers:

1. Local Poets at Rocinha
2. Acorda Capoeira
3. Nircleo Artesdes of Rocinha
4. Studio Art Open outdoor space
5. Music School of Rocinha
7. Center for Culture and Educagdo Lirdica Rocinha (Culture)

A highlight of the Day of Culture will be the opening of the Museum of Rocinha’s Cultural History with an exposition of the history of the community. There will be other highlights as well such as the book of poetry by Joilson Pinheiro from Rocinha.