• Macega Burning

    Each person has to be filled with strength, love and courage when leaving home to help others. Residents from all around came in the middle of the flames to save the lives of others. Amid the flames, women, children, adults in Macega were crying in despair, seeing their homes turning into ashes. Everyone was waiting for…

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  • Macega: A Community Pleading for Help

    Mundo Real has been increasingly working in the area known as Macega, which is the poorest section of Rocinha. Virtually all of Macega’s residents want to be re-settled, particularly in upper Macega where approximately 200 family reside in subhuman living conditions. Residents know they are living in an area at extreme risk of natural disaster…

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  • Macega and Rocinha: The Dream of Decent Housing

    On July 18th Mundo Real visited Macega, an area of Rocinha considered by many to be the community’s poorest and most vulnerable to natural disasters. We went to Macega after intense rains that poured down from July 13th to July 17th resulted in landslides that effected a few houses and small businesses. In one case…

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