The Sensationalization of Rio’s Dark Side Causes Stir; Mundo Real Reacts

The article titled "Deadly Games" appeared on

The internet was a buzz yesterday as ESPN published its expose on what it considered the “real” Rio de Janeiro. It was an interesting article by ESPN, not only because of the suggestive title, “Deadly Games,” but because of the way it presented a city we have come to know and love. It is without a doubt that Rio de Janeiro has it share of social issues that can’t be ignored. For as much work that has been done to curve the violence, in and out of the city’s notorious slums, more work is always needed. But Rio de Janeiro is more than the violent pictures found in this, and similar US based portrayals, and it is our goal at Mundo Real to present a more human and concrete representation of Rio de Janerio, beyond this particular perspective.

Though we should note that this article did touch upon some important social issues in Rio, those with limited knowledge on the city should bear in mind that not all the information presented here is completely accurate, and without limited perspective.

In closing, we’d like to comment that this article, though presented broadly through a sensationalist scope, has brought attention to some of the issues plaguing one of Brazil’s most important cities. Read the story below, and check back to Mundo Real often so you can maintain a balanced perspective on Rio de Janeiro.

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