Macega Burning

Macega BurningEach person has to be filled with strength, love and courage when leaving home to help others. Residents from all around came in the middle of the flames to save the lives of others. Amid the flames, women, children, adults in Macega were crying in despair, seeing their homes turning into ashes. Everyone was waiting for the rains to come to prevent the spread of flames. But one thing is certain, at that time people from different sub-areas of Rocinha came to Macega to help. Dozens of people were taking buckets of water from hand to hand. The fire was being fought, but the wind kept spreading the flames. The firefighters came and put the flames out with gas. Meanwhile homeowners ran in desperation to salvage something. Complete houses turned to ashes in minutes. So where will these families be without their homes? Will they have anywhere to sleep or eat? Health officials, firefighters, community leaders and representatives of several organizations were present hauling water in buckets to extinguish the fire. Lucky there was no death, and only one person was injured who had his arm cut because of flying glass. As security moved people away from the flames … It was hard to see the people behind the smoke with tears in her eyes, ashes and soot on their faces and clothes. But when our duty and safeguard people in a safe place. Many people came home to see their house turned into ashes and a life’s struggle of sweat and survival spreading out and fading away like dust in the wind …

– Andre Batista

Relatório sobre a visita técnica realizada na localidade da Macega (Rocinha)