Urban Studies

  • Social Housing in Rio de Janeiro

      On Saturday October 22nd at the Colégio Estadual Brigadeiro Schorcht, A Fundação Centro da Defesa de Dirietos Humanos Bento Rubião (henceforth Bento Rubião) held the last of five workshops that focused on their proposal for the Municipal Plan of Social Housing (PMHIS) in Rio de Janeiro. Bento Rubião objective was to create a space…

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  • The Right to the City (The Right to Rio de Janeiro)

      Motor Taxis are a common form of transportation within favelas, especially in Rocinha where there are an estimated 2000 motorcycles in an area of .04 square miles. At the bottom of Rocinha, a concentrated crowd of motor taxis waits to pick up passengers before dispersing throughout the community. About two Saturdays ago, I rode…

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