• Forced Removals Because of Olympics Causes Problems

    The situation in Rio de Janeiro, and it’s preparations for the World Cup and Olympic games, is reaching a fever pitch. The forced removals have continued to go on without much of an eyebrow raised from the International Community. Though some organizations have continued fighting for the right’s of citizens in these communities their words…

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  • Laboriaux Residents Present Report to DHESCA

    The community of Laboriaux, at the very highest section of Rocinha, has been one of the many communities found in the cross hairs of the city wide removals. Though Laboriaux has found itself in this precarious situation residents have seemingly left the process to handle itself. The city has not been open and forthright with…

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  • Investigatory Mission Comes To Rio

    The highly anticipated Investigatory Mission, made up of local and international representatives, made its way through local communities affected by the forced removals occurring in Rio de Janeiro. Raquel Rolnik, Rapporteur for the United Nations, was the headliner at this series of events, which focused on trying to quantify the issues at hand. The general…

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