• Macega: A Community Pleading for Help

    Mundo Real has been increasingly working in the area known as Macega, which is the poorest section of Rocinha. Virtually all of Macega’s residents want to be re-settled, particularly in upper Macega where approximately 200 family reside in subhuman living conditions. Residents know they are living in an area at extreme risk of natural disaster…

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  • Laboriaux Meeting (Local Leaders Unite Against the Removals)

    On Sunday August 15th there was an important meeting in Laboriaux, including: around 70 residents of Laboriaux, Lawyers from Rio de Janeiro’s Public Defenders Office, religious leaders from the Pastoral das Favelas (of Rio’s Archdiocese), university professors, community activists from at least six different favelas, leaders of at least 4 NGOs, and engineers from Rio…

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