• Recap – Public Debate – PUC-RJ (April 14, 2011)

    Last week members of Rio de Janeiro’s academic community, as well as members of local community action groups gathered for a public debate, sponsored by the PUC-RJ and the Nomadic University Network. The discussion was centered on housing rights, such as the recent wave of arbitrary forced evictions, the role of the Public Defender’s Office…

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  • Public Debate – PUC-RJ (April 14, 2011)

    Hour Thursday 14 April 7PM-10PM Location: PUC-Rio – Auditorium B-6 (Frings Wing) – Rua Marquez d Sao Vicente,225, Gavea Created by Adriana Britto More information Roundtable Discussion: Public Defense, Legal Access and Social Participation Topics of First Meeting: Participation in public policy as a fundamental right Public Defense and External Ombudsman Legal Access and Mega-Events…

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