Public Defender’s Office

  • Rio Government makes changes to Public Defenders Office

    The Public Defender’s Office has gone through a series of extreme attacks from higher ups in government, causing a significant change to its administration. The Public Defender’s Office has been hard at work, fighting against the forced evictions in the wake of preparations for the World Cup and Olympic Games. As a result of these…

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  • Community Denounces Attacks Against NUTH/Public Defender’s Office

    During the morning of 29 April, 2011, the doors to the reception hall at the headquarters of the Public Defender’s Center for Land and Housing (NUTH) were closed and locked to city residents. This local government office is responsible for defending the civil and human rights of Rio de Janeiro’s resident. Reports indicate that a…

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  • Mundo Real Attends Visit By Amnesty International

    The buzz around the international community this week was Amnesty International’s official visit to Rio de Janeiro, and Mundo Real was there. After a year of researching the issue Amnesty saw it of pressing concern to come to the city to lend its support to the residents of displaced communities. Amnesty’s presence in Rio de…

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