Relief Effort in Rocinha, Rio de Janerio After The Mudslides

As many of you may already know Rio de Janeiro recently experienced its heaviest rains in 44 years. As a result hundreds have died and thousands have been left injured and homeless. In the community we live and work in, Rocinha, there are several areas that are seriously affected by flooding, landslides, collapsed infrastructure, smashed alleys/roads and fallen trees. The most critical damages occurred in the area of the community known as Laboriaux, where two Mundo Real members live (Vilson and Marcos). In Laboriaux, there have been two confirmed deaths in a tragic situation where a house was completely submerged by the rocks, mud and tress from the surrounding forest. Mundo Real knew the two deceased (Jacqueline and Maria do Carmo), who were relatives of close friends of ours. Currently, there are 4 locations in Rocinha where the displaced are being attended to. Mundo Real, with our limited resources, is focusing on assisting the families seeking shelter in the small Chapel in Laboriaux where we often attend services. Currently there are several government agencies, non-profits and local residents are doing as much as possible to improve the situation and the relief effort is getting somewhat chaotic. Because of this Mundo Real sees our role as very simple; get information out as fast as possible and help with the most critical issues, such as lack of water.
Our team visiting the most affected sites, taking pictures and talking to local residents and others. Without a doubt, the most serious situation people living in Laboriaux are facing is lack of water because of damaged pipes and power outages. There is no running water in most areas of Laboriaux and safe drinking water is critical shortage. The local authorities have promised running water by Monday, but we cannot wait because the situation of the 15 children and their parents staying the Chapel is quite dire. The things they need with most urgency are, milk (powdered is best because of lack of refrigerators), diapers and young children’s clothing. These families lost everything and we are doing our part as a committed community-based organization to ease their suffering until they are relocated in their new homes.

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