Mundo Real At The Forefront Of The Movement Against Forced-Evictions

Mundo Real has been at the forefront of the movement against forced-evictions in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas since the threats from Mayor Eduardo Paes’ administration first surfaced in early April of this year. We provided regular updates from April and May. During June, July and August we focused our energy mainly on producing a documentary on this very issue. The video to the left is a short clip framing the issue with English subtitles.

Mundo Real Blogs

Since April of 2010 we have posted more news and updates. We have worked on our website and even created a blog for our home base of Laboriaux. The blog is dedicated to the news from the community, especially in regards to forced eviction. Constantly updating our website and blogs to keep up with our daily activity is not easy work. Regularly posting updates (in English and Portuguese) is a challenge on top of our day jobs, our studies, caring for ourselves and our families and working on Mundo Real projects and activities. Below, in the section on ‘How to Help’ we will explain how this process can be made easier for us so that we can continue to provide our supporters and other interested readers with the most up to date information on Laboriaux, Rocinha, other favela communities in Rio de Janeiro, development projects, human rights issues and so on.