Community Reactions To Police Disturbance

Rocinha Drug Raid

By: William de Oliveira, Resident of Rocinha and Member of the Community Security Council ISP 23

After today’s drug raid in Rocinha, which began at 6am and ended at 3pm, I took a walk through the community, where I received complaints by community members, and business owners, regarding irregularities in the raids, including some doors broken down or forced open. Though I didn’t receive any complaints of excessive force by police officers, I am releasing this statement so that these irregularities don’t occur during future raids by police.

I have received complaints that while at work some citizens had their homes unlawfully searched, and we are asking the Security Minster Dr. Mariano Beltrame, and the new Chief of Police, to take note of these complaints and to help us with the situation regarding the complaints.

I’ve asked any citizen who feels their rights were violated to make their way to the 15th Police Precinct, in Gavea, in order to file a report.

During the operation, three tons of marijuana were seized by police, and authorities found pirated materials at the Camelodromo, with at least 1,000 counterfeit shoes and 1,000 pieces of counterfeit name brand clothing, CDs and DVDs. According to Alessandro Theirs, of the Counterfeit Crimes Unit (DRCPIM) police were equally surprised to find the counterfeit merchandise.

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