What’s Happening in Rio

  • Militia Groups Targeting Housing Programs In Rio de Janeiro

    At least eleven sets of housing blocks in the program “Minha Casa, Minha Vida” (My House, My Life), are being targeted by the actions of paramilitary groups in the western area of Rio de Janeiro. According to information published on Saturday by the newspaper O Globo, the militia loyal to former military police officer Ricardo Teixeira da Cruz, Batman, were exploiting gas services, cable TV, and”private security”, making threats to residents in condos in Campo Grande, Cosmosand Realengo. Currently Batman is being…

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  • The UPP Causes Real Estate Hikes in Rio

    The UPP Causes Real Estate Hikes in Rio Cirilo Junior Rio Real Estate properties located in neighborhoods that are patrolled by Pacifying Police Units (UPP) will double in value, according to Secovi Rio, Rio’s Housing Union. Car insurance costs have dropped since the installation of UPP units, and there is talk of extending the program…

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  • Elections, Public Policies and Other Updates

    The elections are over in Brazil. Dilma Rouseff of the Worker’s Party (PT) comfortably won the Presidency, although the election had to go to a second round. She is Brazil’s first female president. Like most political leaders, she has been both praised and criticized. Dilma was handpicked by Lula to succeed his two term presidency.…

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