Our Research in Rocinha is community-based and collaborative, it brings together people and organizations from different backgrounds to investigate and attempt to understand the root causes of the issues challenging Rocinha and other communities similar.

Currently (2011) Mundo Real is conducting research on the PAC programs being implemented in several of Rio de Janeiros favelas. We are also monitoring the developments of the upcoming mega-events in the city and their effects on local communities.

Community-based Research Center –

One of Mundo Real’s goals will be to implement a community-based research center. The center will serve as both a local library where books, magazines, newspapers, and computers can be utilized, as well as an academic research center where high school and college students, alongside academics and professionals, will conduct intensive community-based participatory research on topics such as socio-economic justice, health, sustainable development and other key issues pertaining to the well-being of Rio de Janeiro’s urban slums.