Direct Services

Some of the direct services we have provided are listed below. Much of this has been accomplished through the Primeiros Passos (First Steps) Program.

Transportation for Special Needs Individuals

Mundo Real organizes the provision of transportation services that are donated by community associations and private individuals in Rio de Janeiro for use exclusively for the transportation of special needs residents to and from medical appointments that can range from routine check-ups to emergencies.

To date, we have organized transportation services for over 150 special needs residents of Rio de Janeiro. 

Distribution of Medical Supplies, Medication, Food, and Clothing

Mundo Real organizes the distribution of medical supplies, equipment, and medication that have been donated directly to special needs individuals and families by various sources such as pharmacies, hospitals/medical centers, and private individuals. Mundo Real has organized the distribution of food packages, clothes, and essential medicines/supplies to over 100 residents of Rocinha as part of these efforts to date. 

Home based assistance

Mundo Real’s staff has organized and assists a team of community volunteers in accompanying incapacitated individuals on routine medical appointments and we also accompany medical practitioners to the residences of homebound or bedridden individuals. To date we have provided home based assistance services to over 200 individuals and families in Rio de Janeiro. Most of these individuals and families were existing completely outside of the public health system due to their inability to leave their homes without physical assistance and due to the unavailability of health outreach services to them.