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It has been an amazing year with many accomplishments and developments. OUR SPRING CAMPAIGN TO RAISE FUNDS FOR MUNDO REAL HAS BEGUN!! Our goal is to raise at least $10,000 dollars to support our efforts. While this is a modest figure it is barely enough to continue our operations through the fall. We have been hard at work keeping on top of the forced evictions surrounding the upcoming 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Mundo Real has been diligently involved in community meetings, advocating on behalf of residents (especially in Laboriaux, Rocinha). Many of these people have lived in their homes for decades and the community fabric runs deep. By giving to Mundo Real you are giving back to those affected by these unjust evictions. Together we can effect change in the way these mega-events negatively impact the local communities. By using new media, national and international pressure on those that continue to exploit the opportunities that come with hosting these games, we hope to bring justice to these communities.

Mundo Real also continues to provide services to those with special needs in our work on the First Steps project.

Your support is vital!


Rocinha Cultural Forum

We aim to raise at least $300 for the Rocinha Cultural Forum to host the ROCINHA DAY OF CULTURE – a day of  exchange and dissemination of cultural products by artists, artisans, and celebrating the cultural developments of the community. In partnership with Senhor Subprefeito we are asking for financial support that would help us make this event a reality –  slated for July 23rd 2011 between 2pm and 6pm at Bento Rubião in Rocinha.

Sincerely – Rocinha Cultural Forum

Contact  Antonio Carlos Firmino (819253334) or Ronaldo Batista (88198624)

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It would also be very helpful for Mundo Real to have a fixed location in Rocinha. This would cost us roughly $10,000 a year, including other utilities and expenses such as internet, phone, printing, transportation, etc.

In order to continue being active and effective in the community an office with these resources is essential.  Having an actual physical location where people from Rocinha can come will considerably improve our visibility. Additionally this space would allow us our team to meet and work together in the same fixed space, instead of having to convene in different and often noisy locations as we currently do. An office would improve our ability to plan and implement our research and educational activities. Ideally we could rent a space in Rocinha with at least 2 rooms, one for official work and as a meeting space and another as a guest room for our many visitors and volunteers.

We need resources and support in order to continue our community service activities, such as critical home repairs, transporting special needs residents to and from medical appointments and distributing food parcels for Rocinha’s poorest families. Contributions can also be made towards purchasing health related equipment such as wheel-chairs, oxygen tanks, and medicine for residents in need.

We invite our supporters to come visit us in Rocinha to see with you own eyes what we are engaged in. Rio de Janeiro is a breathtakingly beautiful city and we encourage our contributors, or those who are simply interested in learning about new and interesting cultures, to come spend time here in Rio and Rocinha. We provide educational day visits of Rocinha for those who want to visit and learn about the community but not necessarily stay here overnight.

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